About HSM Tire

Since its inception,

HSM Tire Co. has focused its efforts on supporting both the Mining and OTR Tire industries, offering end-users cutting-edge methods to maximize efficiency as well as reduce costs.

As the mining industry continues to expand it will be vital for mining companies to remain proactive in protecting large assets including OTR tires and heavy earth moving mining equipment. HSM Tire Co. provides end-users a team of technical experts with many years of hands-on Mining and OTR tire experience. Our technical team works alongside all levels of mining personnel to help solve tire related issues as well as customizing tire management programs for individual operations, including: OTR supply/disposal, maintenance, and onsite management services.

It is important to continue to remain conscious of an operation’s overall “cost-per-hour”, and what can be done to proactively reduce this cost from a tire management point of view. Ultimately, end-users must be aware of how each separate operating unit affects the bottom line. As a partner, HSM Tire Co. becomes an effective tool for helping to lower maintenance costs and downtime, increasing operational efficiency, and providing a safer overall work environment.  Please visit our “Available OTR” page to get the most recent updated tire list for Haul Trucks: 59/80R63, 56/80R63, 53/80R63, 50/80R57, 46/90R57, 40.00R57, 42/90R57, 3700R57, 3300R51, 2700R49 and Wheel loaders: 70/70-57, 60/80R57, 65/65-57, 55/80R57, 50/80R57, 45/65R45 for sale.

HSM Tire Co. is a Goodyear , Yokohama , Michelin , Bridgestone , Firestone OTR Tire distributor. HSM Tire provides clients with an all-encompassing portfolio of mining solutions geared towards long-term success. Contact us today to begin exploring how HSM may be able to better assist you.