UPDATED December 11, 2018
OTR and Earthmover Tires for Trucks, Loaders, Scrapers, Graders, Cranes and other Mining and Construction Equipment


36 40.00R57 New 2019 40.00R57 Michelin XDR3 MB Call
23 40.00R57 New 40.00R57 Michelin XDR 2 B4 E-4 Call
2 40.00R57 New 40.00R57 Goodyear RL4B** 2SL E-4 Call
12 36.00R51 New 36.00R51 Bridgestone VRLS E-4 Call
4 36.00R51 New 36.00R51 Michelin XDR 2B E-4 Call
24 36.00-51 New 36.00-51 Goodyear HRL E-4 Call
36 33.00R51 New 33.00R51 Bridgestone VRDP E2A 2* E-4 Call  
12 33.00R51 New 33.00R51 Goodyear GP-4B Call  
32 33.00R51 New 33.00R51 Goodyear RM-4A+ 4SL E4 ** Call
8 33.00R51 New 33.00R51 Yokohama RB42 E-4 Regular compound Call
12 33.00-51 New 33.00-51 Yokohama Y-567 68 ply E-4 HR-V Call
24 27.00R49 New 27.00R49 Bridgestone VREP E2A E-4 Call
24 27.00R49 New 27.00R49 Goodyear RT4A 6SL E-4 Call
24 27.00R49 New 27.00R49 Goodyear RL4A 4S E-4 Call
48 27.00R49 New 27.00R49 Goodyear RM4A+ 2S Call  
16 45/65R45 New  45/65-45 Yokohama Y545 L-4 58 ply Call  
6 45/65R45 New  45/65R45 Michelin XLD D1 Call  
12 37.00R57 Brand New 2018 Goodyear 37.00R57 RM4A+ 4s Call  
10 40.00R57 New 2013 Michelin  40.00R57 XDR2 B4 Call  
7 40.00R57 New 2018 Michelin 40.00R57 XDR3 MB4 Call  
4 55/80R57 New 2012 Michelin 55/80R57 XMINE D2 L5 Call  
24 53/80R63 NEW 2012-2013 Goodyear 53/80R63 RM4+ 2S Call  
16 56/80R63 Used 2011-2012 Michelin 56/80R63 XDR B4
4 NEW / 12 USED
18 50/80R57 New  2017/2018  Michelin  50/80R57 XDR 250 B Call  
21 33.00R51 2010 NEW Goodyear 3300R51 RL4J with full serials Call  
48 33.00R51 New 2013 Bridgestone 3300R51 VRLS E1A Call  
6 40.00R57 Used Clean 2012 Michelin 40.00R57 XDR2 B E4 Call  
24 59/80R63 New 2012 Bridgestone 59/80R63 VRF E1 E3 Call  
12 59/80R63 New 2015 Goodyear 53/80R63 RM4A+ 5S Call  
20 40.00R57 2017 – 2018 NEW Michelin 40.00R57 XDR3 MB4 Call  
20 40.00R57 2014 NEW Bridgestone 40.00R57 VMT E3A Call  
18 40.00R57 Goodyear RL-4B E4 2SL 2* Call  
8 35/65R33 Bridgestone VSNT 2* 2-A Cut Resistant – New Take-Off’s Call  
12 50/80R57 Michelin XDR250 B4 – New 2017 Call  
2 50/80R57 Michelin XDR250 C – New Blem Call  
1 50/80R57 Michelin XDR C4 – New Blem Call  
6 53/80R63 53/80R63 Bridgestone E4 VRPS E3A Call  
15   24.00R35 Radial E-4 Cut Resistant Compound 2 Star (GLR04) Call  
23   24.00R35 Radial E4 Cut Resistant Compound 2 Stars (GLR19) Call
12 37.00R57 New 2012/2013 Michelin XDR2 C4 Call
24 42/90R57 Bridgestone E4 VRDP E2A Call
24 37.00R57 Michelin XDM Haul Truck Tires – Stored in Warehouse Production 2011 Call
24 37.00R57 Michelin XDR Haul Truck Tires – Stored in Warehouse Production 2011 Call
48 59/80R63 Michelin XDR B (NEW) Haul Truck Tires Call
36 46/90R57 Goodyear RM-4B 5S (2015) Haul Truck Tires Call
36 46/90R57 Goodyear RM4A+  3S (NEW) Haul Truck Tires Call
12 3700R57 Bridgestone VRLS E2A (NEW 2012/2013) Haul Truck Tires Call
1 3700R57 Package 2013/2014/2015 Haul Truck Tires Call
(4) New Michelin 3700R57 XDR2 B4
(6) New 3700R57 Bridgestone VRLS E1A
14 33.00R51 Goodyear 3300R51 RL3J 3S (NEW 2013/2014) Haul Truck Tires Call
6 3300R51 Goodyear 3300R51 RL3J 2S (NEW 2013/2014) Haul Truck Tires Call
60 27.00R49 Michelin XDR2 B (NEW 2012/2013) Haul Truck Tires Call
24 2700R49 Bridgestone VMTP E2A (BRAND NEW 2018) Haul Truck Tires Call
8 70/70-57 Firestone 70/70-57 SRG DT LD NEW Loader Tires Call
6 60/80R57 Michelin 60/80R57 XMine D2 NEW Loader Tires Call
12 45/65R45 Michelin 45/65R45 XLDD2 (BRAND NEW Loader Tires) Call
22 23.5R25 Michelin 23.5R25 XLDD2 (NEW Loader Tires) Call