UPDATED April 5, 2019
OTR and Earthmover Tires for Trucks, Loaders, Scrapers, Graders, Cranes and other Mining and Construction Equipment

48 53/80R63 2011, 2012, 2013 Goodyear 53/80R63 RM3A 2SL Call
22 37.00R57 New Bridgestone VZTS E2A Call
36 40.00R57 New 2019 40.00R57 Michelin XDR3 MB Call
23 40.00R57 New 40.00R57 Michelin XDR 2 B4 E-4 Call
2 40.00R57 New 40.00R57 Goodyear RL4B** 2SL E-4 Call
12 36.00R51 New 36.00R51 Bridgestone VRLS E-4 Call
4 36.00R51 New 36.00R51 Michelin XDR 2B E-4 Call
24 36.00-51 New 36.00-51 Goodyear HRL E-4 Call
36 33.00R51 New 33.00R51 Bridgestone VRDP E2A 2* E-4 Call  
12 33.00R51 New 33.00R51 Goodyear GP-4B Call  
32 33.00R51 New 33.00R51 Goodyear RM-4A+ 4SL E4 ** Call
8 33.00R51 New 33.00R51 Yokohama RB42 E-4 Regular compound Call
12 33.00-51 New 33.00-51 Yokohama Y-567 68 ply E-4 HR-V Call
24 27.00R49 New 27.00R49 Bridgestone VREP E2A E-4 Call
24 27.00R49 New 27.00R49 Goodyear RT4A 6SL E-4 Call
48 24.00R35 New 24.00R35 Bridgestone VMTP E2A 2018 and 2019 Call
48 27.00R49 New 27.00R49 Goodyear RM4A+ 2S Call  
16 45/65R45 New  45/65-45 Yokohama Y545 L-4 58 ply Call  
6 45/65R45 New  45/65R45 Michelin XLD D1 Call  
12 37.00R57 Brand New 2018 Goodyear 37.00R57 RM4A+ 4s Call  
10 40.00R57 New 2013 Michelin  40.00R57 XDR2 B4 Call  
7 40.00R57 New 2018 Michelin 40.00R57 XDR3 MB4 Call  
4 55/80R57 New 2012 Michelin 55/80R57 XMINE D2 L5 Call  
24 53/80R63 NEW 2012-2013 Goodyear 53/80R63 RM4+ 2S Call  
16 56/80R63 Used 2011-2012 Michelin 56/80R63 XDR B4
4 NEW / 12 USED
18 50/80R57 New  2017/2018  Michelin  50/80R57 XDR 250 B Call  
21 33.00R51 2010 NEW Goodyear 3300R51 RL4J with full serials Call  
48 33.00R51 New 2013 Bridgestone 3300R51 VRLS E1A Call  
6 40.00R57 Used Clean 2012 Michelin 40.00R57 XDR2 B E4 Call  
24 59/80R63 New 2012 Bridgestone 59/80R63 VRF E1 E3 Call  
12 59/80R63 New 2015 Goodyear 53/80R63 RM4A+ 5S Call  
20 40.00R57 2017 – 2018 NEW Michelin 40.00R57 XDR3 MB4 Call  
20 40.00R57 2014 NEW Bridgestone 40.00R57 VMT E3A Call  
18 40.00R57 Goodyear RL-4B E4 2SL 2* Call  
8 35/65R33 Bridgestone VSNT 2* 2-A Cut Resistant – New Take-Off’s Call  
12 50/80R57 Michelin XDR250 B4 – New 2017 Call  
2 50/80R57 Michelin XDR250 C – New Blem Call  
1 50/80R57 Michelin XDR C4 – New Blem Call  
6 53/80R63 53/80R63 Bridgestone E4 VRPS E3A Call  
15   24.00R35 Radial E-4 Cut Resistant Compound 2 Star (GLR04) Call  
23   24.00R35 Radial E4 Cut Resistant Compound 2 Stars (GLR19) Call
12 37.00R57 New 2012/2013 Michelin XDR2 C4 Call
24 42/90R57 Bridgestone E4 VRDP E2A Call
24 37.00R57 Michelin XDM Haul Truck Tires – Stored in Warehouse Production 2011 Call
24 37.00R57 Michelin XDR Haul Truck Tires – Stored in Warehouse Production 2011 Call
48 59/80R63 Michelin XDR B (NEW) Haul Truck Tires Call
36 46/90R57 Goodyear RM-4B 5S (2015) Haul Truck Tires Call
36 46/90R57 Goodyear RM4A+  3S (NEW) Haul Truck Tires Call
12 3700R57 Bridgestone VRLS E2A (NEW 2012/2013) Haul Truck Tires Call
1 3700R57 Package 2013/2014/2015 Haul Truck Tires Call
(4) New Michelin 3700R57 XDR2 B4
(6) New 3700R57 Bridgestone VRLS E1A
14 33.00R51 Goodyear 3300R51 RL3J 3S (NEW 2013/2014) Haul Truck Tires Call
6 3300R51 Goodyear 3300R51 RL3J 2S (NEW 2013/2014) Haul Truck Tires Call
60 27.00R49 Michelin XDR2 B (NEW 2012/2013) Haul Truck Tires Call
24 2700R49 Bridgestone VMTP E2A (BRAND NEW 2018) Haul Truck Tires Call
8 70/70-57 Firestone 70/70-57 SRG DT LD NEW Loader Tires Call
6 60/80R57 Michelin 60/80R57 XMine D2 NEW Loader Tires Call
12 45/65R45 Michelin 45/65R45 XLDD2 (BRAND NEW Loader Tires) Call
22 23.5R25 Michelin 23.5R25 XLDD2 (NEW Loader Tires) Call